Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Time to invest in Transport | Railway Strategies

"If you ask anyone on a train today what they think of Britain’s railway network, you should expect to hear some ill-informed nonsense.

"As a public member of Network Rail, I am perhaps more up to speed than the average rail traveller, but it still surprises me how little people know about ongoing investment in the rail network. People know about HS2, of course, but they don’t realise that investment in existing lines and stations is going on at just as large a scale.

"Look at stations. Investment is having a hugely positive effect on commuter experience. You only have to spend time at two of the busiest stations in the country, namely King’s Cross and Birmingham New Street, to see how such physical transformations influence daily commutes. Investment in stations, including lengthening platforms, means fewer delays, increasing capacity throughout the timetable, and of course providing a more pleasant journey. It is done with passengers in mind.

"This is all great, but we need much more, and not just in the rail sector but in airports and the whole joined up business of transport infrastructure."

Read the full article on Railway Strategies magazine here.

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