Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Business is booming in the East Midlands

Business is booming in the East Midlands, and Texane can feel it. 

We’ve felt the impact of the East Midlands’ confluence of great business clusters that are receiving capital investment. New transport infrastructure investment means the Bombardier and Rolls Royce are receiving large orders that are spreading through the local supply chain, a domino effect of positive business growth.

We have new companies and product development with SMEs working alongside our excellent universities, including Cambridge. We also have a technology cluster for Formula 1 and motorsport which is a crucible of innovation and engineering excellence.

Finally, it’s thanks to the close proximity to London, and the transport networks that make the East Midlands easily accessible to all parts of the UK, and of course Europe. Texane is exporting more than ever as products manufactured by British firms are the preferred by customers across the globe.

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