Friday, 5 April 2013

Introducing Texane

Every day, millions of people use Texane products without knowing it.

Texane is a British company which makes the wheels that keep the escalators and travelators moving on the world’s most iconic subways - from London Underground to the Paris Metro and New York. You’ll also find Texane wheels under the baggage handling conveyor belts and carousels of international airports.

Formed in 1966, Texane underwent a transformation when it was taken over by London entrepreneur Arnab Dutt in 1995. Today, it is an example of a successful British SME manufacturer and exporter with a worldwide reputation for producing ultra-tough heavy-duty polyurethane components.

The company has built a niche as a market leader in specialist heavy-duty polyurethane components for a range of mechanical operations in sectors including automotive, railway, oil and gas pipeline, aviation, agricultural machinery and mining.

It is the preferred source of load wheels and lift truck tyres for numerous manufacturers of original equipment. The company’s customers include the largest escalator manufacturers and aggregates companies in the world.

In 2013, Texane announced a strategy to double turnover with a £300,000 investment in new machinery and plans to extend its product range, and to increase the size of its design and development team. The current workforce is ten.

Expertise in polyurethane elastomer technology has been the linchpin of the company’s success, enabling it to develop products with exceptional resistance to wear and load bearing capacity.

It exports around a quarter of its products to France, Germany, USA and Australia, and is looking to target growth markets in the Middle East and Asia.

Products and Services
• Design and manufacture
• Steel, iron, aluminium and polyurethane components
• Chain and covered bearings
• Nylon components (polyamide)
• Polyurethane processing
• Tyre and wheel specialists
• Specialists in polyurethane to metal bonding
• Original and replacement parts
• Press on solid tyres and direct bonded products
• Tyres for mechanical handling
• Components for agricultural, mining, construction and aggregates industry
• Anti-abrasion, anti-vibration & noise reduction components
• Seals and gaskets for the petro-chemical and automotive industry
• Low cost prototypes

• London Underground
• Paris Metro
• Melbourne PT
• Newcastle Metro
• Washington DC Metrorail
• The New York Subway
• Charles De Gaulle Airport
• London Airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted)
• Montreal Airport
• and more...

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