Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Manufacturer Heralds Massive Rail Investment

Rail investment offers business opportunities, says Texane...

A Leicestershire manufacturer is flying the flag for Britain’s railways ahead of a multi-billion-pound investment in the nation’s train lines.

Arnab Dutt says too few people know that Network Rail is investing more money in infrastructure over a shorter period than the Government’s flagship HS2 project.
The managing director of Market Harborough-based Texane is one of Network Rail’s public members, a group of around 40 people who oversee the organisation’s work in much the same way as governors watch over schools.
“Everyone has heard of HS2 but Network Rail has just announced a strategic plan for the next five years that is perhaps even more important,” he says. “We are talking about £36 billion of investment in an ever expanding network.

“In the next decade, rail will be one of the biggest investment areas in the UK. We have already seen a million lorries taken off the road in the last five years with the growth of rail freight. We need to carry on that trend.
“For passengers, train carriages are being extended, and redundant lines are being reopened. Trains must and will run faster.”

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